What is Self-Care?

S E L F · C A R E / / the activities, practices, and habits you engage in on a regular
basis to reduce stress and enhance your well-being

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Why do I need Self-Care?

Self-care is essential for reducing stress, overwhelm, and
burnout. Burnout = a product of continual daily stress.

First things first

Self-care is essential for reducing stress, overwhelm, and
burnout. Burnout = a product of continual daily stress.
This can be stress from having too much on your plate, or it can happen when you feel forced to put energy into work that doesn’t fulfill you.
Many of us feel completely burned out from our jobs and the
responsibilities that come with being an adult (oh, so fun). Even if you’re self-employed or doing work you enjoy, you can still burn yourself out.


What does Self-Care Look like?

On a smaller, daily basis, self-care involves the daily habits and activities you practice for your mental, physical, and spiritual health.
Your physical, mental, and spiritual health are deeply connected and work together to create harmony or discontent in your life.
To keep these areas balanced on a regular basis, you can focus on doing these types of things daily:


Mental/intellectual self-care is about cultivating a healthy mindset through mindfulness. Mental self-care is important for developing a healthy mindset, growing your skills, reducing stress, and enhancing your knowledge and creativity. I love online therapy for this one because staying at my oasis at home is key…sign up here


Something that helps you connect to your soul or the world around you (e.g. creative projects, listening to a
podcast, community service)


Something that nourishes your body. I love rebounding and it is great for fitness but even more for my lymphatic Drainage…Grab yours here


I am 100% non medicated and am thankful for the natural remedies I have found to keeps my hormones balanced and keep me healthy…I love this sunshine in a cup…grab yours here


I have always been a planner girl but I have in the last five years I have really fallen in love with tracking and created a bundle to help with that….grab it here .

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