Have you noticed how some people affect the atmosphere in a room the moment they walk in? Even before saying a word, these people exert particularly influential energy. Not only do we notice them, but we can sense a shift in the mood as they begin to move around and interact with others. 

What is this about?

Everything radiates energy: from animals and plants to every piece of furniture in our homes. We humans also vibrate with energy, each at different speeds and intensities. 

The frequency at which we vibrate is not constant. Our physical, emotional, and mental states determine whether our vibrations are high or low. This means that we can purposefully change our energy by ensuring that our thoughts, feelings, and bodies are productive and healthy. 

Why Should I Care About Having Good Vibrations? 

Now you might wonder why it’s essential to radiate positive energy. Sure, most of us wish to make the world a better place, but what does it mean personally? Why should we care about good vibrations?

Our Energy Levels Affect Everyone Around Us 

Have you ever felt emotionally drained after spending time with someone? Do you sometimes wonder why you secretly want to avoid certain people, but you don’t know why? These individuals likely vibrate at a low frequency that pulls your frequency down. Their anger, bitterness, or general pessimism about life puts a damper on the positivity you try to foster and nurture. 

On the other hand, there are people you can never get enough of. You prioritize making time for them because you always feel uplifted and inspired after being in their company. They’re the first people you think of inviting to a party or going to when you need some encouragement. These people vibrate at a high frequency. 

When we consider the people who pick us up versus those who bring us down, it’s easy to see how our energy levels affect the people we live, work, and socialize with. Each of us has an opportunity to reinvigorate others with good vibrations every second of the day. 

It Serves Our Health and Goals

But, our good vibrations are not only helpful to other people: they are also beneficial for us. 

When we are grateful, at peace with ourselves, and optimistic, we create high-frequency vibrations that boost our health. Research shows that positive people are more likely to live longer than those drawn to and feed on negativity. A positive outlook lowers stress, improves our immunity, and reduces our risk of developing heart disease. 

Likewise, having good vibrations is associated with increased opportunities, experiences, and meaningful connections, which help you reach your goals. This is because our emotions and internal conditions work like magnets. 

Emotional magnetism is the idea that we tend to attract things with similar energy to us. For example, suppose you’re an enthusiastic leader who seeks team members who are hard-working and task-orientated: you will attract the kind of people and opportunities that draw those individuals to you. Similarly, if you value empathy, tolerance, and artistic expression, you will be surrounded by people and experiences that align with those values and resonate with you. 

In this context, we have the power to manifest the things we want and wish to increase in our lives. 

How Do I Deal with People With Low Vibrations?

It might seem obvious what we should do to get more of what we want out of life, right? For example, we might consider surrounding ourselves with the people who inspire us while cutting the others out. 

Although we should seek out people and environments with good vibrations, it’s not always possible or even fair to simply eject those with low vibes from our lives.    

When considering our families, we all have people who rub us up the wrong way. Some members’ political or religious views offend us, while others say racist or sexist things when they’ve had one too many. There might be someone you work with that seems to be an expert at getting on your nerves or bringing your energy down, but tempting as it may be to give them a piece of your mind, the best way to proceed is by extending grace to them. 

We don’t always know what is transpiring in someone’s life, even if they’re pretty close to us. We don’t see the thoughts they struggle with or the reasons for their words and actions. With this in mind, it’s always better to treat these people with as much grace and understanding as we can muster. 

How to Cultivate Good Vibrations

Cultivating good vibrations can become a daily habit that turns into a lifestyle. Here are some ways you can go about raising your energy so that you can attract more of what you want. 

Tidy Up

It’s difficult to achieve inner peace and raise your energy levels when your surroundings are messy. Start by cleaning and organizing your home. When your place is tidy and pleasant to be in, it doesn’t distract you from focusing on more important things. 

Spend Time in Nature

Going for a group hike or even just a solo walk around your neighborhood can reduce your stress and anxiety, keep your blood pressure and cortisol levels in check, and get out of the slump of sitting on the couch. Exercise might temporarily tire your body, but immersing yourself in nature will lift your mood and kickstart your good vibrations. 

Focus on the Good Stuff 

Stress and worry drain the energy from our minds and bodies. Although we all have things that concern us, try to focus on the positive aspects of your life. Avoid overthinking that conversation that didn’t go well or beating yourself up about a failed business opportunity. Instead, focus on the things that are working out and learn to see the options within the obstacles. 

Choose Your Company Wisely 

Forming connections with high-vibe people is essential to your own good vibrations. When you surround yourself with enthusiastic, engaging, and successful people, they will help you go after your own goals and approach life zealously. 

Watch What You Consume

Sometimes all we want to do is sit on the couch and binge-watch the latest series on Netflix. While there is nothing wrong with downtime in front of the television, be careful about the media you consume. Choose programs that inspire and uplift rather than those that promote violence or make you feel morbid afterward. 

Good Vibrations = A Good Life 

Positive energy attracts more positive energy – it’s as simple as that. If you work toward increasing your good vibrations and discarding the bad ones, you will notice how great opportunities and connections come over your path.