Lucky people recognize their good fortune and look at life through that lens. Luck is not something that just happens – it’s something you seek out.  

Luck isn’t something some women just have and others don’t. When we can get clear on our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and actions, we can get some control over how luck shows up in our lives. 

It’s not just about positive thinking. It’s also about positive action. 

Luck Is Not Just a Silly Superstition 

If a fantastic opportunity drops into your lap, is that always luck? Or could it be the result of the impression you once left on someone who, in turn, later turned a new opportunity in your direction?

Often situations that we think of as good luck turn out to be more to do with actions and attitudes we’ve taken in life. 

Just for a moment, let go of the idea of “the luck of the Irish” and explore what lucky women do in their lives. 

Lucky Girls Take Initiative

As they say, fortune favors the bold. So you can increase your chances of winning by simply showing up. Go out there and make things happen, don’t just sit by and wait for life to happen to you – make it happen for you. 

When we put ourselves out there, we welcome chance into our lives.

This will allow you to explore and gain new insights, see things from a different perspective or meet opportunities you might not otherwise meet. 

The Fortunate Are Focused

If you’re anything like me, you find so many things interesting and can quickly become distracted when something grabs your attention. This is especially true for the entrepreneurs among us. 

The way to create more success is to focus on what’s most important- that’s why I always encourage the women who join us in School of Self-Image to pick just ONE extraordinary goal and focus on that at first.

Focusing your energy  funnels your efforts into the activities most likely to deliver success, brining you more “luck.”

Lucky Ladies Keep Learning

Never stop learning and growing intellectually. When you do, you increase the odds that you’ll be ready when an opportunity knocks on your door. Thus armed, you’ll be able to take on whatever comes your way, turning opportunities into good fortune.

Don’t let yourself get stuck. If you eschew experiencing new things, you’re going to feel bored and stifled. So instead, be open to new things. Be curious about the world around you.

The Lucky Craft Their Stories With That Pot Of Gold At Center

The way you tell your stories (whether for yourself or others)  impacts everything about your relationships, the way you see yourself, and the things you have your eyes open for. 

Keeping a journal of the good things that happen in your life helps open you. 

We tend to hold on to the bad and forget about the good. When we remember and celebrate all the good that has happened in our lives, we can see the evidence of fortune, which opens our mind to see more of the same when it presents. 

Dame Fortune Imagines Her Pathway Toward Success

The fortunate visualize success and plan for it. Think about your goals every day. 

What does success look like? What steps will you take to get there? Again, seeing each detail in high resolution is essential.

Imaging good fortune helps you get there. For example, if you are preparing for an important or a big event, visualize your calm demeanor and your clear, thoughtful responses as you prepare.

If you have a big, beautiful, audacious goal on your horizon, visualize your path to success. See yourself where you want to be in a month, six months, or a year from now and act as if you’re already there today. 

Creating Your Own Luck is About So Much More Than Chance

“Good luck is another name for tenacity of purpose.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The best thing about luck and good fortune is that it comes from self-manifestation. 

You can always be creative in your life and take action to build upon what you have. 

When you open yourself to new places, practice gratitude, show up, keep learning, take initiative, and step outside your comfort zone, you may just find yourself getting pretty darned lucky.